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CNN investigation: Obama born in U.S.

It allows people to prove parentage, inheritance rights, and citizenship, apply to drive, vote, get a passport or Social Security. It also has to be right. And if the child is born on a moving conveyance, register them as if the birth occurred in the place where they were first removed from the conveyance. Much of this is to assist the compilation of vital statistics, which are of great use to demographers, planners, researchers, public health officials and the like.

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A number of kinds of legal documents are becoming natively digital. Many court systems, for example, encourage or require digital submission of filings, and electronic signatures are increasingly commonplace. Lots of other familiar printed forms—newspapers, magazines, ,checks, have already ventured down that road.

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Some documents, though, seem to have a more personal or legal connection, like a will or a mortgage, or seem somehow more important. For those, it feels better, more secure, to have something tangible to hold on to, so digital versions of those seem less likely to be embraced quickly.

It could be, then, that this first and most basic document we get will be one of the last pieces of paper that future generations have. Todd B. Congressional Research Service.

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First Things and Last. Podcast Barack Obama's Birth Certificate. Barack Obama's Birth Certificate, May 5, Transcript How many pieces of paper have you got? References: snopes. At first glance, that might sound odd. McCain has also been held up, by both right and left alike, as an exemplar of political civility, integrity, and decency; a nonracist Republican; the anti-Trump.

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  7. Nothing could be further from the truth. So casually consigned to the media memory hole? Remember: McCain introduced the loathsome Palin to the world in August , when he plucked her from Alaskan obscurity and made her his running mate. Sound familiar?

    The key moments in John McCain's life

    Trump is riding the wave of anxiety that Ms. Trump has now usurped and vastly expanded upon Ms. Remember also: McCain has never apologized for picking Palin. That performance. It was McCain, however, who unleashed and empowered her — and failed to restrain or rebuke her as she incited angry crowds against Obama.

    But we are on the edge of some real serious craziness here and it would be nice if McCain did the right thing and told his more bloodthirsty supporters to go home and take a cold shower. Some conservatives expressed outrage with McCain, too.

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    For once in this campaign, put your country first. None of it makes an appearance in the raft of unctuous obituaries that have been published since Saturday.

    Sorry, what? I have never understood how this was a badge of honor for McCain — nor do many Arab-Americans , for that matter.