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Each temple stood for a period of about four centuries. The Temple was the center of religious worship for ancient Israelites. It housed the Holy of Holies, which contained the Ark of the Covenant and was said to be the area upon which God's presence dwelt. All biblical holidays centered on worship at the Temple. The Temples served as the primary location for the offering of sacrifices and was the main gathering place for Israelites.

According to the Talmud, the world was created from the foundation stone of the Temple Mount.

Former Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Michael Oren: Obama Abandoned Israel

It's believed to be the biblical Mount Moriah, the location where Abraham fulfilled God's test to see if he would be willing to sacrifice his son Isaac. The Temple Mount has remained a focal point for Jewish services for thousands of years. Prayers for a return to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the Temple have been uttered by Jews since the Second Temple was destroyed, according to Jewish tradition.

The Al Aqsa Mosque was constructed in about CE to serve as a shrine near another shrine, the Dome of the Rock, which was built by an Islamic caliph. Al Aqsa was meant to mark what Muslims came to believe was the place at which Muhammad, the founder of Islam, ascended to heaven to receive revelations from Allah. Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran. It is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible times. Muslims worldwide pray with their backs away from the Temple Mount and toward Mecca.

The farthest mosque became associated with Jerusalem about years ago. Berkovits points out in his new book, "How dreadful is this place! As late as the 14th century, Islamic scholar Taqi al-Din Ibn Taymiyya, whose writings influenced the Wahhabi movement in Arabia, ruled that sacred Islamic sites are to be found only in the Arabian Peninsula, and that "in Jerusalem, there is not a place one calls sacred, and the same holds true for the tombs of Hebron. The U. The group is an umbrella organization for approximately 80 American Christian missionary congregations comprised of worshippers who seek to convince Jews to believe in Jesus.

In their houses of worship, these congregations observe some Jewish traditions. But while Jewish law clearly says that Judaism is passed to the next generation through the mother, these missionary congregations say that if the father is Jewish, that's enough.

Some of the missionaries were born to Jewish mothers and are therefore Jewish according to Jewish law. Under the State's current Law of Return anyone with at least one Jewish parent or grandparent on either side of the family is eligible to immigrate to Israel.

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In the past, however, those who profess belief in Jesus have been blocked from acquiring Israeli citizenship because such belief is in direct contradiction to the Jewish faith. A more serious problem is the compulsion that most members of these missionary congregations feel to convince other Jews to believe in Jesus.

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The issue of missionary activity in Israel has been heating up over the past year, particularly since Purim, when the son of a missionary was injured after he opened a booby-trapped gift package received by the family in Ariel. Orthodox Jewish anti-missionaries were accused of having sent the package, but there was no evidence to indicate that Jews were involved.

‘We are all Jews’: Full text of President Obama’s Holocaust Day remarks

The boy's father, Pastor David Ortiz, had been warned repeatedly by Palestinian Authority religious authorities to stop trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. In the small southern city of Arad, Christian missionaries have also been at the center of controversy. Eddie Beckford, a tall, burly American missionary was arrested earlier this year for attacking a Gur Chassid during a protest by the Yad L'Achim anti-missionary organization outside one of the group's centers. Beckford was remanded to house arrest and has since moved to Be'ersheva, where he has joined forces with Pastor Howard Bass at the burgeoning Congregation Nahalat Yeshua Jesus' Inheritance.

The "birth certificate" claimed by the Barack Obama campaign is not certified as authentic and appears to be a photoshopped fake. Nobody stood up. Nobody would touch it. And while the Obama Chicago attack machine and left-wing smear merchants went into full swing, the mainstream activist media would not touch the story. Not once. I never proposed that any of the various scenarios being put forth were absolutely correct. Is there something on Obama's birth certificate he does not want us to see? Foe shizzle. Should a president of the United States have to present his vault copy to take office?

And I stand by that to this day.

A release of the vault copy would have put this baby to bed a year ago. Instead, Obama and his operatives added fuel to the fire by not only not releasing the vault copy, but by spending upwards of a million dollars on five law firms to fight its release. Here we are a year later, and this issue is on fire. Perhaps because the American people, in their sudden desperation at having made a shotgun wedding, are looking for an annulment.

There might be something more sinister at work here, both specifically in the release of the spurious Kenya birth certificate and generally in the persistence of this issue. There is no way of knowing. And that may be just the point. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. We, the American people, are not the enemy here, we are not the guilty party. The media should stop blaming the victim.

Remember: conservatives are not responsible for the birth certificate issue at all. Obama is, by refusing to this day to release the vault copy — whether because it contains something damaging or simply because it enables him to wield the weapon of ridicule against the right.

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At this point, the effect is the same regardless of which of those possibilities is true. This carnival of conspiracy has become a deliberate distraction from the real issues and the real destruction being wrought by the Obama administration. The longer the Obama camp lets this issue fester and grow, the more it divides the country. What trickery! By Jim Geraghty.

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  • John Durham may be the most consequential and least known figure in Washington right now. In May, U. By Zachary Evans.

    The Swiftboating of Barack Obama: The Birth Certificate, Part 1 - Taylor Marsh

    Senator John Kennedy R. And do you know what our By Robert VerBruggen. Neil Irwin has an interesting piece about that concept.