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To decode this number, you may have to bring your car into a dealership. View the tenth digit.

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The tenth digit will tell you the model year of the vehicle. This is important to knowing the options on the vehicle, as different model years are equipped with different option group packages. This does not indicate what year the car was built. Find the last 7 digits.

Vehicle Vin search

Along with the second sequence of numbers, these last digits are perhaps the most important for finding the options of the vehicle. These numbers should give you information like that listed on the original sticker of the car. The numbers will also tell you what specific plant the vehicle was built as well as production specific information. Read about common options. While manufacturers use different codes to represent different options, the information encoded in the last 7 digits of your VIN number will provide specifics about a number of options.

Decoded VIN:

These numbers will give you info about common options like: Trim color Power seats and windows Entertainment system Seat covering material Sunroof Equipment packages like off road or towing [11]. Method 4. Submit your VIN to a third-party website.

There are several companies that compile and sell vehicle history reports. Try websites like: Carfax Autocheck [12].

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Pay a fee. After submitting your VIN, the third-party website may prompt you to pay a fee for a complete vehicle history report. While you may not want to pay, it is standard for companies to charge for this service. Feel free to shop around. Different websites or companies may offer different prices. In addition, some companies may run promos on vehicle history reports at different times.

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Some websites may provide cheaper rates per report if you want several vehicle history reports. Examine the report. When reading the report: Verify the report matches the VIN you submitted.

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Read about the car's production and the vehicle's repair and registration history in the report. Look to see if the vehicle has been repaired or if the report shows any evidence of aftermarket upgrades. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Unanswered Questions. How do I decode a VIN for a vehicle?

Service shops commonly use this information to identify systems installed by the manufacturer so that they can properly service a car. The ninth digit, or check digit, is used to detect invalid VINs based on a mathematical formula that was developed by the Department of Transportation. Important Cookie Information This website uses cookies for reasons of functionality, comfort, and statistics.

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VIN number check-How to get car info using VIN number

Select your vehicle. You would be really, really lucky to find an ad on Cars. Copy-and-pasting a VIN into a good decoder is quick and easy. What's AoA? Audi of America? Is that a club or is it actually Audi itself? If so, can you run my VIN? Sent from my iPhone using Audizine. No, I didn't even realize there was a subscription. I just go to the page and stick a VIN in, but that's the problem, for Audis it doesn't give you any useful information. For Porsches you get the whole build sheet. For instance go to vindecoderz.

Decode the VIN

There are 2 pages of info. With Audis you don't get that second page, which has all the useful info. FWIW I have a couple of carfax inquiries left from a recent car hunt.

It won't give you a build sheet but will provide history if seller doesn't offer. Would be happy to run for a small donation if needed. FYI, this is the best one I've found. Gives you the original window sticker. Oh wow that would be perfect.

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For some reason I'm getting a PDF error here at work. I'll try it at home. Yeah, its not working for me either.