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He brings foreign film productions to Iceland. Business is good.

For instance, scenes for films such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Batman Begins, as well as two James Bond films, and Stardust, which comes out later this year, have all had scenes shot in Iceland. So what about Finland? Certainly, says Jan Korbelin, producer of the Oscar-winning Crash.

The most successful country has been New Zealand, where the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson has brought money, new economic activity, skilled producers, and overall international interest. Dagfinnson says that when a large production crew arrives in the area, twice as many people are needed to handle catering, accommodation, and other services. In addition, it can bring in tourism.

Everyone wants to be a part of the movie world nowadays. However, it is also an expensive country. Jokinen, who has made it into the big leagues as a director of music videos, is moving into directing feature films.

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Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima offer two views of the same World War 2 battle in the Pacific, as seen from both sides and shot in 2 very different places of the world. Neither of which are the real locations of the events portrayed. No wonder you might spot a film crew location scouting in Iceland. Car commercials in particular, such as for Audi, Land Rover, Porsche and Mercedes Benz,have been shot all over the country.

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So, tell us, what is the most perfect film location in Iceland in your opinion? At Travel Reykjavik, we realise that booking a trip can be a confusing process. You might have specific questions or requests. Private Tours. Airport Shuttle. All Tours. Blue Lagoon.

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South West Iceland. Golden Circle. South Iceland. West Iceland.

Summer Tours. Northern Lights Tours. For the filmmakers -- notably, executive producers Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman -- the beaches and jungles of Peleliu turned out to be a convenient place to show the horrors of battle as experienced by the real-life soldiers whose stories they are telling.

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Fittingly, though, Peleliu also symbolizes the plight of tens of thousands of soldiers caught in the glamourless, mind-wrenching mire of the Pacific war. It was a fight engaged on the other side of the world, on tropical archipelagoes with names nobody knew, for purposes that often seemed pointless to the average man in a foxhole. Isolated from families, cut off from familiar landscapes of roads and buildings, the troops on places like Peleliu battled oppressive heat, thirst, rats, dysentery and a particularly fearsome enemy in the Japanese, all to claim strategic islands that were barely habitable.

It was much different than the European war. Japanese soldiers believed in death before dishonor, a code known as Bushido. Life was pointless.

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The very attributes that make the Pacific story worth exploring also posed some of the thorniest creative obstacles to creating the miniseries. For one thing, would viewers relate to it? This was not a saga played out against the grandeur of Paris and Berlin, a drive to defeat the very face of evil, Adolf Hitler. Aside from the triumphant hoisting of the flag atop Mt.

Iwo did not become the centerpiece of our series. Still, what emerged after nearly seven years of planning and production stands as one of the most ambitious, sweeping miniseries in television history, the filmmakers boast. Its best attributes, they say, involve not so much the setting but the people and relationships, and specifically how men are shaped and broken by the long nightmare of war.

It enhanced the brand tremendously. Army infantry regiment, as they struggled toward Berlin. From the time the series aired, veterans clamored for a chronicle of the Pacific war. The motivations were especially strong for Spielberg, whose father, Arnold Spielberg, had been a master sergeant in a bomber squadron during the China-Burma-India campaign.