Where to record cook county deed

What they are really looking for is the release from their mortgage, because they have paid it off. We have also brought new programs to the fold, such as a new annual, signature program on property after death that we launched Sept. However, my mom died back in What do I do?

I mean, she probably knew that before she asked that question. And that way is this: in , a law went into effect called Transfer on Death Instrument. That allows a person to, without a will or trust, complete a document and name who they want the property to go to.

And it could be 10 people. They can get two witnesses, have the item notarized, and they can record it in our office. And they know where the property is going to go.

Should Recorder of Deeds be Combined with Clerk’s Office?

It does not have to go to probate. It does not have to go anywhere. The only thing the person would have to do is once the person has passed away, the heir can come into the office with a copy of the death certificate, and we change the name on the deed; it does not get any better than that. KY : I know the county is looking to save money.

I get that. I pay county taxes too, and I want to save money. But I think they are being penny wise and pound foolish. They are using information from a report that considered linking the tax offices of the assessor, treasurer, clerk and board of review. But that was several years ago. But they have not been able to quantify those dollars. By contrast, we are much larger; we are the second largest office in the United States, in fact. There are so many things. This is too fast for voters.

They do not have enough information to make an informed decision on the proposed merger.

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I was elected by the people. I think the economy depends on me doing a great job.

Should Recorder of Deeds be Combined with Clerk’s Office? | Chicago News | WTTW

I think that, again, is penny wise and pound foolish. Can you comment on that aspect of the proposed merger? KY : People have tried to interject race into this whole thing, and they have made comments to me, but I do not really entertain that. I just do not. And so I could ask, was it a white office then?

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The economy runs as a result of this office getting it right. When they sold the Sears Tower, do you think they wanted to be screwed around?

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If the building you're researching has survived, there may be a modern-day photo of it in the Cook County Assessor's Property Search database. The Chicago History Museun has a large collection of photographs. More information about their collection can be found here. Articles may associate events such as crimes or accidents with specific addresses and classified advertisements can suggest when properties were sold or rented. Fire Insurance Maps Fire insurance maps may give you an idea of the type of structure that was located at a specific address.

Building Permits Building permits can help you learn more about the homes where your ancestors lived. For more information, including online records, check out the Chicago Building Permits Digital Collection on the University of Illinois at Chicago's website. Find addresses and convert them to the modern equivalents, if necessary.

Check the Assessor's website to find the PIN.

Should Recorder of Deeds be Combined with Clerk’s Office?

Ask for help to locate the tract book page and have it copied. If there are any documents of interest listed, arrange to view them they're on microfiche and take notes; copying them is very expensive. If you can't do the research yourself, hire someone. The Recorder of Deeds office does not take research requests. If you can't visit in person, you'll need to hire a local researcher.

They don't offer searches by mail. Kim and Steven make regular visits to Chicago repositories and both have experience working with the records in the Recorder of Deeds office. Real Estate Listings Buy and sell real estate deals or seek out partners, financing, etc. Get the book now.

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Filing a Tax Deed Petition

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5 Steps to Prepare an Illinois Quit Claim Deed

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